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Teahouse in Spring 2024

Written by Taylor High


Posted on February 01 2024

Teahouse in Spring 2024 & New Building!

We have collected some of our favorite new fabrics from Different Designers to curate our New Spring collection. I think we really nailed leaving a cold winter into a refreshing Spring. 

We knew we wanted different textures & designs, while keeping them connected with each other as you see within all the Fabrics. We were also so excited to be able to use the color Peach Fuzz, which just happens to be the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year. As you can see the pop of color in the Chinoiserie Teahouse fabric. This is such a beautiful and unique way to bring such different fabrics together.

Stay tuned as The owner of the PillowLoftHomeDecor Cheryl Britton will be Blogging, & telling her experiences and different things she has learned along the way this year! We are excited to stay connected to you and our journey in moving into our first Brick & Mortar after 13 years of doing it All Online in her Home. While hiring some amazing people that believed in her dream to create quality custom products without breaking the bank.

We are also adding new products every week. So come back and check out what’s new!

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