Custom Seat, Bench, and Window Cushions, Bolsters and Pillow Covers

About us

The Pillow Loft is a Florida based Home Decor company founded in 2011.

We specialize in Indoor and Outdoor Bench and Seat Cushions, Pillow Covers, Bolsters, Lumbar Pillow Covers, Shams, Valances, and Booster Seats (for Children and Sporting Events).

Custom Work is the bulk of our business. We can make pretty much any shape or size bench/seat cushion you would like. You provide us with the dimensions, fabric selection and whether your product is for the indoor/outdoor environment and we will provide you with a quote. Our cushions generally come with inserts, but if you would like a quote without an insert let us know.

We pride ourselves on high quality work and our products are all double stitched, trimmed, and finished with reinforced zippers.

Please contact us with any questions and stop by our FAQs section.