Custom Seat, Bench, and Window Cushions, Bolsters and Pillow Covers


Tips from The Pillow Loft

Decorative Pillow Covers, Cushions, and Bolsters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • ABOUT OUR PILLOW COVERS: Pillow covers are made approximately one inch smaller than the listed size. This is an industry standard and results in a snug, professional fit. For example, if you order an 18" x 18" pillow cover, your finished size will be approximately 17" x 17", designed to fit an 18" x 18" insert. If you would like your finished cover to be 18" x 18" (instead of 17" x 17"), then make a note in your order. We are happy to accommodate at no additional charge.
  • CLEANING: Home Decor Fabric Manufacturers generally do not recommend washing fabrics, even if the fabric is 100% cotton. The reason behind this is that Home Decor Fabrics generally have a finish to them which may wash off. Also, the fabric will more than likely shrink. If you have any questions about how to clean your fabric contact us and we will forward you the manufacturers suggestions. If you choose to wash your fabric, do so at your own risk.  (cold water and dry flat)
  • CUSTOM SIZES AND FABRIC: We can pretty much make any size pillow cover, bolster, or cushion in a wide variety of fabrics. You can request a quote through our custom work page. Simply tell us the size and fabric you are interested in.
  • PIPING / WELTING: Quite a few of our listings come standard with piping/welting. You can always request piping/welting added to any order for a small up-charge when not standard. Contact us through our custom work page to request a price.
  • FABRICS: If you would like to use fabrics not shown on our website, feel free to browse the websites below. Fabric size is: generally 54" wide. You can then narrow your selection by style and color. 

 Outdoor Fabric

Indoor Fabric

NOTE: you are not restricted to the websites listed.